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When a group of food-obsessed academics at Oxford University form a dining society to promote the cause of gastronomy, what could possibly go wrong? More than they ever imagined. Their well-intentioned culinary explorations lead them into murky waters with a dead Japanese diplomat, charges of grave robbing and a bizarre cannibalistic experiment. 

Short-listed for the People's Book Prize 2013

Short-listed for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2013

 & One of winners of Irish Writers's Centre Novel Fair 2012

Publishers Weekly:

A truly compelling read with a shocking climax. Well written and incredibly descriptive, the author of this particular work has clearly done homework about the field of gastronomy to produce a wonderful and memorable read.


Amazon breakthrough novel award 2013 expert reviewer:

I am enthralled with the voice with which you have chosen to write. The tone is amusing, arch and

very fitting for the characters you have created. The descriptions are exquisite.

Legend Press Ian Flitcroft
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